Want to pick up a book more and the remote less? Try the one book a month reading challenge for some motivation!

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Ready to accomplish your goal of watching less TV and more reading this year? I had the same goal and decided to try this one book a month challenge when a friend of mine shared her success with it.

It’s simple: read and complete one book every month.

I found this challenge to be so motivational that I actually far exceeded one book a month and ended up reading double my initial goal! Did I stay up way too late reading some nights? Definitely, but there is something about getting your hands on a really good book that causes you to be incapable of putting it down.

Get your hands on some good books and make this year a year full of learning, growing, and happiness.

Do you need some inspiration on books to read? Check out my list below on the books I enjoyed during my first reading challenge!


I read the Christy Miller series in high school after a sweet friend of mine recommended them to me and I have been hooked ever since. At the time, there was Christy Miller – high school and college years – along with series on her friends, Sierra Jensen and Katie Weldon. The author, Robin Jones Gunn, has since added Christy Miller’s married and baby years!

I have not had the opportunity to read the married and baby years yet, but considering it has been a while since I was in high school when I read the original series, I chose to re-read ALL of the books leading up to the new additions.

A note, the high school years and Sierra Jensen are written for a young adult audience, but I certainly still love reading them!

If you have a daughter, I cannot recommend these books enough. Whether she is a teenager who can start reading them now, or a little one who can read them in the future, these books are truly special. I believe every young girl should read them so strongly that they are actually my signature gift for preteen and teenage girls.

Robin wrote these books with the girls in her Sunday school and they exhibit every scenario, emotion, and thought a teenage girl goes through in addition to valuable life lessons, such as what truly matters when dating and searching for the right man.

These books will surely not disappoint! There is more to the series than what is listed below, but these are the ones I managed to complete during my first reading challenge.


If you are a fan of Chip and Joanna Gaines, and want a lighthearted, hilarious read, then you will love The Magnolia Story!

It was inspiring for me to read about where they started and how God had everything fall perfectly into place for their story. Not everything was perfect, but perfectly planned.

One night this book had me laughing so hard I was crying while trying to reiterate the story to my husband. I routinely found myself laughing and telling my husband of Chips antics, while learning some much needed mommy life lessons from Joanna that I believe every mom needs to hear.


Just like my friend who introduced me to this reading challenge, I went the nostalgic route and chose to do a quick, easy read of Nancy Drew to help meet my goal. My mom read all of the Nancy Drew books growing up and I certainly read quite a few too. You can’t go wrong with a good, clean mystery!


The Bridge is my favorite Christmas book so far. I had first heard of it through Hallmark Channel’s movie version of the story – I had only seen the first movie at this point. Then one day I stumbled upon a copy of the book and decided to pick it up. I enjoyed the book so much, I immediately turned around and watched the movie series on Hallmark!

One Perfect Gift was a gift from my mother-in-law, and I absolutely love that it takes place in a farmhouse in the early 1900s. I very much enjoyed this read and still giggle thinking about one scene in particular. This is actually the second book of the Culdee Creek Christmas series and I plan on reading the other two books as well!

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Happy Reading!

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