Howdy! My name is Lauren, I am married to my college sweetheart and a busy boy mom! Let me begin by saying, I would have never believed someone if they were to have told me I would take up writing one day. God was the one who planted this whole idea into my head – it’s very likely He did so because I love to talk – and figured this was a way for me to let it all out. I still cannot quite grasp the fact that I actually enjoy writing now, but it is just a simple reminder God is in control!


Chris is a former United States Naval Officer and I was the exuberant one waiting for him at the pier! Within the first 18 months of our military journey, my husband and I could confidently say we had already been deeply submersed in the military lifestyle. We have overcome being apart for ten months of his first year in service along with countless duty days, underways, distant training, another deployment, and two PCS orders to new stations in six months. We returned to the civilian world after over four years of service, but hold dear all of the friends who became family and the adventures we experienced along the way.

We are incredibly honored and blessed to say that our families story is published! You can learn more about our families heartwarming and humbling story here.


Chris and I are just college sweethearts who fell in love in a country dance hall and have been best friends ever since. Quite the country love story if you ask me! My husband, being a true sweetheart, is my support on this new adventure and the one who helps to make some of my projects possible – including building this website. We are a family of four with one of us having four paws. Our newest addition is our sweet baby boy, Cole, who is the anchor of our hearts and named after our family’s fallen hero. Words cannot describe how thankful we are for the fingerprints of God on every blessing and journey in our lives.

Wilson, our very much full of personality corgi who loved to cuddle and is deeply missed.
Penny Sue, our sweet shepherd mix rescue who joined our Navy family just a couple days after our last PCS.


You might have guessed from the “howdy” that we are from Texas and we are working to renovate our home from builder-grade to custom-made one DIY at a time! I have a degree in architecture and a real estate license, so it’s safe to assume I truly do love design and everything to do with a home!

We strive to achieve a timeless, modern farmhouse through more than just aesthetics. Join us as we work to encompass the true farmhouse lifestyle and created a loving home for our family. Our goal is to provide you with inspiration for how to achieve the same for you and your family.

Handmade + Homemade + Naturally