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How to Paint Distressed Wood Letters

Learn how to easily paint and distress wood letters for your baby’s nursery with this simple tutorial! These DIY painted wood letters are a great way to add a personal touch to any room!
Author: The Bluebonnet Farmhouse


  • wood letters (or numbers)
  • chalk paint
  • paint brush
  • command strips (or picture hanging kit)


Paint the Wood Letters

  • Pick your preferred color(s) and paint an even coat along the wood letter faces and edges.

Distress the Wood Letters

  • Choose your accent colors for distressing.
  • Once the letters are dry, take a dry paintbrush and place only a small amount of accent color paint on the brush.
  • Lightly stroke the dry brush across the letters until each letter has the desired amount of distressing.
  • Be sure to distress the sides of each letter where needed!

Hang the Painted Wood Letters

  • After all of the paint is dry, hang your letters with command strips. You could choose to hang with a picture hanging kit as well.
  • Simply press and hold a command strip to the backside of each letter. Then press and hold the letter against the wall.